SolarCool’s Commercial/Productive Use division focuses on providing cold storage through solar refrigeration for businesses selling or storing cold products. In developing countries, this broad range of use cases is often referred to as Productive Use applications, where solar refrigeration is being used to increase the incomes of farmers, fishers and business owners.

Our Commercial/Productive Use products range in size from small solar milk cooling and solar fish cooling refrigerators to 20 and 40 ft. solar cooled containers (currently in development) to provide food security as well as income for remote islands and villages. These products serve a wide range of customers from small dairy farmers, kiosks and shop owners, cooling-as-a-service businesses to large companies, aid agencies, and governments.

These products are specifically designed, and particularly advantageous, for off-grid, mini-grid, and intermittent grid applications. One of the main design goals is affordability to address the price sensitivity of developing country markets.

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