We have won 3 awards and the biggest is the Global LEAP Awards, which have so
far helped install a Remote Monitoring Device that has helped us collect data that will help us improve our efficiency.

Solarcool will positively impact the value chain, livelihoods, and the environment altogether.

Here’s how Solarcool will improve countless lives in 3 years:

• 300 cold rooms to be deployed.
• Over 45,000 farmers helped.
• Empower over 3000 youths
• 43Mn kWh clean energy generated.
• 420 MT produce wastage reduced.
• 225 Mn liter diesel consumption abated.
• 5000 MT cold chain infrastructure capacity created.
• 674000 tons CO2 emission abated.

Launch Lab
IKEA Foundation
ACE Africa
Angel & Harvard Cooling
Good Energies

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